About Us

Our Mission

At Texas Energy Advocates Coalition (TEAC), our mission is to empower and unite energy proponents to drive innovation, education, and advocacy within the energy sector. We are committed to fostering a comprehensive understanding of energy issues, promoting sustainable practices, and influencing policies that support the efficient development and utilization of energy resources. Through collaboration, education, and proactive engagement, we aim to build a brighter, more sustainable energy future for Texas and beyond.

Our Approach

At Texas Energy Advocates Coalition (TEAC), we are driven by a singular mission: to empower, educate, and advocate for the energy sector. As the nation’s fastest-growing consortium of energy proponents, we are committed to fostering public awareness about the essential role of energy in our lives and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

Our Leadership

At Texas Energy Advocates Coalition (TEAC), our leadership is dedicated to fostering an inclusive, innovative, and forward-thinking energy sector. We believe that true leadership is defined by our ability to inspire, educate, and advocate for meaningful change.

TEAC, the Texas Energy Advocates Coalition, organizes a variety of events aimed at networking, education, and advocacy in the energy sector. Some of the events they have hosted include:

These events serve as platforms for members to engage with peers, share knowledge, and collaborate on advancing the interests of the energy sector. For more detailed information on upcoming events, you might want to check out TEAC’s official channels or contact them directly.